Student council

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Student Council Minutes 24.11.18

Student Council Minutes 05.05.18   Student Council Minutes 02.02.2018   Student Council Minutes 24.11.2017

Student Council Minutes 29.04.2017   Student Council Minutes 20.01.2017   Student Council Minutes 23.09.2016

Student Council Minutes 30.04.2016   Student Council Minutes 22.01.2016   Student Council Minutes 02.10.2015

Student Council Minutes 13.06.2015   Student Council Minutes 27.02.2015   Student Council Minutes 07.11.2014

Next meeting Friday 11th January, RGS Junior Block, 16:45-17:45

A Voice for the Students

Our Student Council has members representing nearly all the CMA ensembles, however large or small. We have members from Year 5 to Year 13, including those just starting their musical journey right through to accomplished instrumentalists and singers in our most senior and experienced groups. We meet once a term to give feedback from the ensembles and to discuss ideas, encouraging all to play an active, thoughtful and democratic role in the CMA community. This enables the Student Voice to be heard and effect change sensitively.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for CMA, don’t hesitate to talk them through with your ensemble representative. We would love to hear from you.

Sally Stafford

Vice Principal

Student Council 2017/18

Chairs: Becky, Will, Megan and Phoebe


Name Ensembles
Charlotte Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Choir
Megan Symphony Orchestra, String Orchestra, String CM, Youth Choir, Chamber Choir, Show Choir
Heidi Senior Orchestra, Youth Choir
Izzy Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Youth Choir, Show Choir, Woodwind CM
Ben Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band
Phoebe Concert Band, Youth Choir, Show Choir, Senior Jazz band, Saxophone choir
Andrew Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Clarinet Choir
William Youth Choir, Chamber Choir, Show Choir
Becky Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Woodwind CM, Youth Choir, Chamber Choir, Show Choir
Hugh Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, Youth Choir, Chamber Choir
Tilly Senior Orchestra, String Orchestra, String CM, Youth Choir, Percussion Pioneers, Recorder Consort
Anna Senior Jazz Band, Junior Wind Band, Youth Choir, Show Choir, Supersonic helper
Alastair Symphony Orchestra, String Orchestra, Youth Choir, Show Choir
Harry Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Youth Choir, Chamber Choir
Freddie Senior Wind Band, Percussion Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Youth Choir, Show Choir
Hannah Youth Choir, Show Choir
Sana Junior Orchestra
Melissa Junior Orchestra
Sophie Junior Wind Band, Junior Jazz Band, Recorder Ensemble