The Big Noise!

The Big Noise brings local school children together to make fabulous music and experience the joy of ensemble playing through the creation of a local schools’ orchestra. Children who have completed at least one full year of instrumental lessons and can read music notation can take part, advanced pupils are welcome.

BIG NOISE 2019 Friday 25th October 2019, 9.00am – 2.30pm, Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe

Open to string, wind (including recorder), brass and percussion players from year 5-7, this year’s Big Noise will cost only £2 per student for the day. Most performers will come with their school but, to ensure that no child misses this opportunity, Chiltern Music Academy will provide pastoral care for pupils attending schools that are closed for Inset on Friday, 25th October. (Please click HERE for an individual application form if your child’s school is closed on Friday, 25th October.)

Big Noise 2018- 278 musicians in an enormous Bucks schools orchestra.

Big Noise 2017 – 260 young musicians came together for play, passion and performance!

“The best day of my life”- one child from St. Michaels Catholic School

Sing, Perform, Inspire!

CMA have been working with Primary Schools to bring quality music making to all. Children from year two to year six, regardless of ability or experience, meet with others from their year group at a host school, where they enjoy a day of music and fun, culminating in a short concert. It is wonderful to witness the quality of performance achieved in such a short session.

  • Sing – learn to create, maintain and communicate fabulous singing to an audience
  • Perform – share your music with the Head Teachers and Governors of your school
  • Inspire – return to school, inspired to continue to engage in music with enthusiasm

A flavour of the incredible results can be seen in the following videos:

Year 4 June 2019 Year 3 April 2019 Year 2 March 2019
Year 5 January 2019 Year 6 October 2018 Year 4 June 2018
Year 3 April 2018 Year 2 March 2018 Year 5 January 2018
Year 6 October 2017 Year 2 March 2017
Year 4 March 2017

Get involved!

This year’s SPIs will be as follows:

18th October, year 6, Oakridge School

13th March, year 2, Disraeli School, full

15th May, year 4, provisional

If your school would like to be involved in any of these events, drop us an email at Let us inspire you to inspire your school!

I really loved singing with an orchestra. It made me more confident!” – year four child from Kingswood School