“Springers systematically grows the music in a child.
It’s fun- and it works!”

The Springers Foundation Programme uses fun, engaging techniques to equip children as they progress to become confident musicians performing at the highest standard.



Right from the start, Micro-Springers experience the “Play, Passion, Performance!” of the CMA community. Based on “Orff-Schulwerk,” it is a dynamic approach to music, fine-tuned to be fun, positive and engaging. Parents watch as the Micro-Springers explore music through singing, playing and movement.


Year 1

Upbeat and bouncy, Mini-Springers invite your child into a multisensory learning experience using solfa hand signs, fun action songs, musical games and colour coded percussion instruments. CMA encourage Mini-Springers to interact with orchestral instruments through special live events.


Year 2

Springers singers continue to develop pitch recognition and rhythm sequencing through the Kodály method. Their musical confidence grows within a safe, supportive environment. Springers recorders is a fun introduction to the exciting world of instrumental music making including a progressive, clear and fun approach to musical notation.

All Springers classes take place on Saturday mornings in term time, at Wycombe High School.

Costs per 10 week term (2019/20):

  • Micro- Springers £60
  • Mini- Springers £60
  • Springers and Springers Recorders £80