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Find Your Forte!

Starting out on a new instrument is such an exciting time for a child, but to parents it can feel uncertain and costly. Find Your Forte takes the risk out of the process, providing group instrumental lessons for up to a year with FREE INSTRUMENT HIRE to keep the costs right down.

From September 2015, group lessons will be available for:

Instrumental Group Lessons School Year Day/Time
Strings: violin, viola, cello Years 3-4 Saturday, 9.00-9.45am
Brass: trumpet, trombone, baritone Years 4-5 Saturday, 9.00-9.45am

This is an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for children taking up their first orchestral instrument: the cost of lessons will be included in their membership fee of £70 per term.

Members taking up a second orchestral instrument will pay only £50 per term, that is £5 per lesson, in addition to their membership fee.

Students will enjoy full membership benefits, including CMA activities such as Junior Choir and Recorders. Please contact the office to sign up for this amazing opportunity, or for more information.

“Mum, which instrument shall I play?”

If you want to Find Your Forte next September, why not come along to try out an instrument for yourself?

  • Saturday July 11th, 11 am – 2 pm
  • Cressex Community School, High Wycombe, HP12 4PZ
  • For children who will be in year 3-5 next year

Stand out from the crowd

Ever thought about trying something a bit different? Are you looking for more opportunities to play? Players who have reached a good level on their chosen instrument often add a second string to their bow for interest and diversity once they are aged 11+.  Perhaps you are a flautist, singer or pianist looking for a new challenge such as playing bassoon, double bass or tuba? We have instruments available now.  Has one of them got your name on it? Please contact the office for more information.

Theory and General Musicianship

Many children enjoy understanding the intricacies of how music works. As part of our development programme, we offer theoretical and practical ways for our students to explore the wonder of music in a creative environment. These lessons are available to all.

Music Explorers is a new musicianship class for children in year 3-5. Students explore music through a creative and practical approach including movement, singing and playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments. Improvisation and exploration allow children to understand how music functions and is put together, with a focus of understanding the music through sound before symbol. This class is offered at no extra charge for members.

Theory lessons are important as students need to pass Grade 5 theory before entering for Grade 6 or above in any ABRSM instrumental exam. To help you, CMA offer theory lessons on Fridays at the RGS.

  • Theory Warriors               (grade 4-5)          5:15-5:45pm
  • Theory Is Fun!                   (grade 0-3)          6-6:30pm

“Theory is Fun!” is perfect for Blast Off! Training Band, or Intermediate Choir students, who will be able to come along straight from their groups.

“Theory Warriors” fits in neatly before the Senior Orchestra rehearse, enabling members to take part fully in CMA activities while ensuring their musical advancement.

In 2015/16,  theory lessons will cost only £50 per term, that is only £5 per lesson.Please contact the office for more details.