Golden Tickets

Have you been given a golden ticket?

Tickets are given out at CMA events such as the Big Noise and by friends who are certain that someone they know would love to play or sing with them.

Ticket holders are entitled to a no-obligation trial of CMA’s activities on specific dates. The next Golden Day is:

Saturday 7th March: Super-Singing-Saturday!

Golden ticket event for Vocalise and Springboard Choir. Open to parents at 12.15pm.

Ticket holders can also claim a FREE chocolate bar at the CMA tuck shop, and enter a prize draw for FREE CMA membership for half a term.

Have a look at our groups to see which ones you want to try, and then just bring your ticket along on one of the Golden Days. Sign in at the welcome desk and make sure you put your name clearly in the box so that we can contact you if you win the prize draw. Have a fantastic time!