Golden Tickets

Have you been given a golden ticket?

Tickets are given out at CMA events such as the Big Noise and by friends who are certain that someone they know would love to play or sing with them.

Ticket holders are entitled to a no-obligation trial of CMA’s activities on specific dates. The next Golden Day is:

Saturday 7th March: Super-Singing-Saturday!

Golden ticket event for Vocalise and Springboard Choir. Open to parents at 12.15pm.

For children in school years 3-6 

Year 3-6 children with a Golden Ticket will join Chiltern Music Academy’s Springboard and Vocalise choirs to rehearse and perform ‘There’s a power in the music’ for invited guests including the song’s composer, Lin Marsh! CMA are also running an adult workshop so that parents, carers and grandparents can join in. Both workshops are FREE and open to singers of any standard. There is no need for prior registration, just turn up!

The timetable for the day will be as follows:

  • 11.15am – Registration
  • 11.25am –  Year 3-5 workshops with Kate Venvell and Natasha Marsh
  • 11.25am –  Adult workshop with Caroline Slade
  • 12.15pm – Massed rehearsal
  • 12.30pm – Performance

CMA look forward to welcoming you and your children to Super Singing Saturday. If you have any queries, please contact