Term Dates

 Autumn Term 2017

  • Tuesdays at RGS:                       26th September – 17th October, 31st October – 5th December
  • Fridays at RGS:                          15th September – 13th October, 3rd November – 1st December
  • Saturdays at Wycombe High:  16th September – 14th October, 4th November – 2nd December

Autumn Events:

Saturday 7th October Barn Dance: John Hampden Grammar School, 6.30pm. Tickets in advance only.
Wednesday 11th October MFY Primary Prom: Symphony Orchestra at Royal Albert Hall (daytime)
Saturday 11th November Chamber Music Concert: URC Marlow, 7.00pm
Wednesday 15th November MFY Schools’ Prom: Symphony Orchestra at Royal Albert Hall, 7.00pm
Sunday 19th November Junior Gala Concert: Royal Grammar School, 4.00pm

Junior Wind Band, Junior Orchestra, Supersonic, Junior Strings, Junior Jazz Band, Intermediate Choir, Junior Choir

Sunday 19th November Senior Gala Concert: Royal Grammar School, 7.30pm

Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, String Orchestra, Youth Choir, Show Choir, Senior Wind Band, Senior Jazz Band, Senior Orchestra

Tuesday 5th December Scannappeal Concert: Concert Band (small band only) at St Mary’s Church, Amersham, 8pm
Friday 8th December South Bucks Hospice: Youth Choir, 6-7pm
Saturday 16th December Bucks Symphonic Wind Ensemble Concert: Show Choir, at All Saints Church, Marlow, 7pm

Spring Term 2018

  • Tuesdays at RGS:                       9th January – 6th February, 20th February – 20th March
  • Fridays at RGS:                          5th January – 2nd February, 23rd February – 23rd March
  • Saturdays at Wycombe High:  6th January – 3rd February, 24th February – 24th March

Spring Events:

Saturday 3rd February Junior Hootenanny: 10am, during CMA at Wycombe High School
Saturday 3rd February Winter Concert: Concert Band, Senior Percussion Ensemble, Percussion Pioneers, Recorder Consort, 7.30pm
Friday 9th February Orchestral Immersion: Symphony Orchestra side-by-side at Royal Holloway University of London
Saturday 10th March Senior Concert: Senior Wind Band, Senior Jazz Band, Senior Orchestra, Guitars Rock!, Recorder Ensemble, 7.30pm
Saturday 17th March Rotary Concert: Symphony Orchestra, Youth Choir, String Orchestra, All Saints Marlow, 7.30pm

Summer Term 2018

  • Tuesdays at RGS:                       24th April – 22nd May, 5th June – 3rd July
  • Fridays at RGS:                          20th April – 18th May, 8th June – 6th July
  • Saturdays at Wycombe High:   21st April – 19th May, 9th June – 7th July

Summer Events:

Saturday 21st April 2018 Wild West Party: for 3-7yr olds, 3.00-5.00pm
Saturday 28th April 2018 Choral Concert: Youth Choir, Show Choir, Chamber Choir, Intermediate Choir, Junior Choir, St. Mary’s Church Amersham
Saturday 19th May 2018 Junior Concert: Junior Wind Band, Junior Orchestra, Supersonic, Blast Off!, Junior Strings, String Stars, Percussion Pioneers, Riff Raff
Saturday 16th June 2018 Springers / FYF Showcase: at Wycombe High School
Saturday 23rd June 2018 Senior Orchestra Concert: with Flute Choir 5.00pm
Saturday 30th June 2018 Summer Gala Concert: Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Youth Choir, String Orchestra
Saturday 7th July 2018 The Big Party: Wycombe High School, 10.30-1.30pm
Friday 20th to Friday 27th July 2018 Vienna Tour: Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Senior Jazz Band and Youth Choir