Term Dates

Summer Term 2018

  • Tuesdays at RGS: 24th April – 22nd May, 5th June – 3rd July
  • Fridays at RGS: 20th April – 18th May, 8th June – 6th July
  • Saturdays at Wycombe High: 21st April – 19th May, 9th June – 7th July

Summer Events:

Friday 29th June Supersonic and Blast Off! 6.15pm At St Francis Church, Terriers
Saturday 30th June 2018 Summer Gala Concert: Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Youth Choir, Show Choir, String Orchestra, 7.30pm, RGS
Saturday 7th July 2018 The Big Party: Wycombe High School, 10.30-1.30pm
Friday 20th to Friday 27th July 2018 Vienna Tour: Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Senior Jazz Band and Youth Choir

Autumn Term 2018

  • Tuesdays at RGS: 18th September – 16th October, 30th October – 4th December
  • Fridays at RGS: 14th September – 12th October, 2nd November – 7th December
  • Saturdays at Wycombe High: 15th September – 13th October, 3rd November – 8th December

Autumn Events:

Friday 7th September Jazz Quintet at RAF High Wycombe, RAF Centenary event
Friday 28th September Power of Music with Chiltern Music Therapy at RGS (during Symphony Orchestra rehearsal)
Friday 19th October The Big Noise: schools event at RGS
Sunday 18th November Junior Gala Concert at RGS, 4pm
Sunday 18th November Senior Gala Concert at RGS, 7.30pm
Saturday 1st December Stringfest: Joint Concert with Chiltern Camerata, Kings Church Amersham (all String players)
Sunday 2nd December Concert Band at National Concert Band Festival in London
Tuesday 4th December Concert Band at Scannappeal Christmas Concert, 8pm
Sunday 9th December Senior Wind Band Carols for Riding for the Disabled, 4.30pm
To be confirmed: Concert Band at Sainsbury’s
To be confirmed: Chamber Choir Carols

Spring Term 2019

  • Tuesdays at RGS: 8th January – 12th February, 26th February – 19th March
  • Fridays at RGS: 4th January – 8th February, 1st March – 22nd March
  • Saturdays at Wycombe High: 5th January – 9th February, 2nd March – 23rd March

Spring Events:

Saturday 2nd February Chamber Music Concert
Saturday 9th February Concert Band concert with Recorder Consort, 7.30pm
Saturday 23rd February Band of RAF Regiment joint event, King’s Church, Amersham
Saturday 9th March Senior Concert
Saturday 16th March Rotary Concert: Symphony Orchestra, String Orchestra, Youth Choir, 7.30pm, All Saints’ Church, Marlow
To Be Confirmed: KS1 Party and Choral Concert

Summer Term 2019

  • Tuesdays at RGS: 30th April – 21st May, 4th June – 2nd July
  • Fridays at RGS: 26th April – 17th May, 7th June – 5th July
  •  Saturdays at Wycombe High: 27th April – 18th May, 8th June – 6th July

Summer Events:

Sunday 19th May Junior Concert 4pm, RGS
Saturday 25th – Tuesday 28th May Junior Tour to the Isle Of Wight
Saturday 22nd June Springboard during CMA session time, WHS
Saturday 22nd June Senior Orchestra Concert with Chamber Ensembles
Saturday 29th June Summer Gala Concert: Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, Youth Choir, Show Choir, String Orchestra, 7.30pm
Saturday 6th July The Big Party