“Springers” foundation course

The right start to create and maintain a lifelong love of music! Our KS1 music foundation course involves singing, percussion and recorder  in broad ranging introduction to music intended to give young children the basic skills that will enable them to learn an instrument quickly and musically.

Age Springboard Director Day/Time
Reception Micro-Springers Tamara O’Brien/Lyn Watson Saturday, 9.15-10/11.30-12.15
Year 1 Mini-Springers Kate Venvell Saturday, 9.15-10
Year 2 Springers Singers Kate Venvell Saturday, 10.15-11.15
Year 2 Springers Recorders Lyn Watson Saturday, 11.30-12.15


From the earliest days to the peak of perfection, CMA orchestras offer progression and accomplishment. The youngest groups are supported and encouraged by adult and senior student mentors. The Symphony Orchestra is the pinnacle of orchestral achievement, representing the CMA in competitions. They have performed three times in the Schools Proms.

Standard Orchestras Conductor Day/Time
Beg-Grade 1 String Stars Kate Laughton Saturday, 9.15-10.15
Grade 2-3 Junior Strings Mary Walton Saturday, 9-10.15
Grade 4-5 Junior Orchestra Sally Stafford Saturday, 10.15-11.30
Grade 6-7 Senior Orchestra Sheila Cornall Friday, 6-7.30
Grade 7+ Symphony Orchestra Sally Stafford Friday, 6-7.30
Grade 6-8+ String Orchestra Margot Rusmanis Friday, 4.45-5.45


Buzzing with dynamism, the earliest bands encourage young players to grow in confidence in an atmosphere of enthusiastic support. The concert band is the flag-ship band of the CMA, consistently achieving Platinum awards in National Concert Band Festivals. Blazing the trail for jazz, the CMA Jazz Bands “swing” wide their welcome to players eager to learn to improvise.

Conductor Day/Time
Beg-Grade 1 Blast Off! Simon Davie Friday, 4.45-5.45
Grade 2-3 Supersonic! John Davie, Anne-Marie Munoz Friday, 6-7
Grade 4-5 Junior Wind Band Andy Rogers Saturday, 11.45-1
Grade 6-7 Senior Wind Band Simon Davie Friday, 7.45-9.15
Grade 7+ Concert Band Andy Rogers Friday, 7.45-9.15
Grade 3-5 Junior Jazz Band Simon Davie Tuesday, 6-7
Grade 6-8+ Senior Jazz Band Simon Davie Tuesday, 7.15-8.15


No child needs an instrument to make music! Choral singing is the first step to developing the all-round musician. We at the CMA believe that all students can and should sing, developing a sense of pitch, rhythm and phrasing through fun action songs in the early stages through to complex and challenging choral singing of the highest standard.

Age Choir Conductor Day/Time
Year 3 Springboard Choir Kate Venvell Saturday, 11.30-12.30
Year 4-5 Junior Choir Natasha Marsh Saturday, 11.30-12.30
Year 6-8 Intermediate Choir Kate Venvell Friday, 4.45-5.45
Year 9-13 Youth Choir Tim Venvell Saturday, 10.30-12
Year 9-13 Show Choir Sara Lawson Tuesday, 6-7
By Invitation Chamber Choir Tim Venvell Saturday, 12.15-12.45

Chamber ensembles

Standard Group Director Day/Time
Grade 6-8+ Flute Choir Anne-Marie Munoz Friday, 4.45-5.45
Grade 6-8+ Clarinet Choir Alison Downie Friday, 4.45-5.45
Grade 6-8+ Saxophone Choir Alison Downie Friday, 6-7
Grade 6-8+ Senior String Chamber Music Margot Rusmanis Friday, 7.45-8.45
Grade 4-5 Junior String Chamber Music Saturday, 9-10
Grade 6-8+ Senior Woodwind Chamber Music Sue Beach Friday, 4.45-5.45
Grade 4-5 Junior Woodwind Chamber Music Jeremy Foster Saturday, 9-10
Grade 6-8+ Brass Dectet Guy Button Friday, 4.45-5.45
(Not beginners) NEW Harp Ensemble Claire Haynes Saturday 9-10


Standard Group Director Day/Time
Beginners Y2 Springers Recorders Lyn Watson Saturday, 11.30-12.15
Beginners/Improvers Y3-5 Recorder Racers Lyn Watson Saturday, 10.30-11.15
Elementary Junior Recorders Claire Haynes Saturday, 10.30-11.15
Intermediate Recorder Ensemble Alex King Friday, 6-7
Advanced Recorder Consort Alex King Saturday, 9-10

Guitars and Percussion

Standard Group Director Day/Time
(Not beginners) NEW Classical Guitar Ensemble Kianush Robeson Tuesday, 5-5.45
Beginners, year 3-6 Find Your Forte Acoustic Guitar Oz Wright Tuesday, 5-5.45
Juniors Riff-Raff: acoustic/electric guitar jamming Oz Wright Tuesday, 7.15-8.15
Seniors Guitars Rock! electric guitar jamming Oz Wright Tuesday, 6-7
Beginners, year 4+ Stomp! body percussion/junk drumming Jonathan Lewin Tuesday 6-7
Grade 1-4 NEW  Percussion Pioneers: pitched and unpitched percussion instruments, not focussing on drum kit Jonathan Lewin Friday, 6-7
Grade 5+ Senior Percussion Ensemble Paul Craggs Friday, 4.45-5.45
Grade 7+ Elite Percussion Ensemble Student Led Friday, 6-6.45

Musicianship and Theory

Standard Group Teacher Day/Time
Year 3-6 Music Explorers Tamara O’Brien Saturday, 10.15-11.15
Up to Grade 3 Theory is Fun! Andy Rogers Friday 5.15-5.45, £55 per term
Grade 4-5 Theory Warriors Andy Rogers Friday 6-6.30, £55 per term

Please note: grade boundaries are a guideline only. Suitability for an ensemble also depends on:

  • Instrument played
  • Spaces available
  • Age and maturity
  • Sight reading ability
  • Ensemble experience