23rd march – revised timetable

Due to a school function at the RGS, CMA activities on Friday 23rd March will take place at Cressex School HP12 4PZ

In line with their safeguarding policy, we have access from 5pm, leading to a slightly altered timetable as shown below:

  5.15-6.05pm 6.15-7.30pm 7.45-9.00pm
Hall String Orchestra Symphony Orchestra Concert Band
Classroom 1 Senior Percussion Ensemble Percussion Pioneers (6.15-7.15) Senior Wind Band
Classroom 2 Intermediate Choir Supersonic (6.15-7.15) String Chamber Music (7.45-8.45)
Classroom 3 Blast Off! Senior Orchestra (Wycombe Concert Band)
Classroom 4 Flute Choir Simon Davie, brass teaching String Chamber Music (7.45-8.45)
Classroom 5 Clarinet Choir Saxophone Choir (6.15-7.15) String Chamber Music (7.45-8.45)
Classroom 6 Brass Ensemble Recorder Ensemble (6.15-7.15) String Chamber Music (7.45-8.45)
Atrium (quiet corner!) Theory is Fun (5.35-6.05) Theory Warriors (6.15-6.45)
Atrium Welcome Desk and Refreshments
Stage Caroline Maguire, double bass teaching
PR1 Woodwind Chamber Music
PR2 Helen Turnbull, woodwind teaching

Precise room numbers will be displayed at the Welcome Desk on the night.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.